Weekly Projects

fun projects realised within a few hours per week, none of the project will be polished or special, but hey, they are fun to create!

Parallax Test

Firetest - November weekly

Drink more Meat - october weekly

Drink more Meat - Ad Campain for the Valles Marineres Imagenery Vegetarian Society, Trink mehr Fleisch - Kampagne für die Valles Marineres Imagenery Vegetarian Society

Ad campaign for the Valles Marineres IVS. Hopefully soon on the streets everywhere.

Shoes first try - october weekly

Shoe Posing in Blender, Shoe with blender, Shoe with blender, Shoe with blender, Shoe with blender

The shoes still have several problems with their shape, thickness and their color, all in all I m quite happy with the result, it could have been much worse. One day or another I might come back to them and try to give them a nice shape.

fire test - october weekly

testing the fire & smoke simulation with blender. the surface of the particle emitting object is weird, maybe it can be fixed by doubling and slightly downscaling the emitter object.